16 Easy Ways to Eat Vegan at Breakfast & Lunch (No Eggs in Sight)

March 10, 2016

In 2015, it was as if the whole food media world woke up and rediscovered eggs (which have existed, you know, for quite some time).

The inundation of egg sandwiches and fried eggs and poached eggs and scrambled eggs and eggs-in-holes has been so dramatic that the phrase "Put an egg on it!" is probably still ringing in your head.

Hush! Eggs are fine and dandy, but there are breakfast options beyond them! There are protein-rich, vegan-friendly breakfast options, many of which you can prepare well in advance (not so true of most egg-centric meals).

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Whether you need a break from eggs (we all do, sometimes!), or you just finished off a dozen, or you're waiting for your hens to lay, or you're vegan, here are 10 egg-free (and dairy-free) breakfasts.

And while you're at it, go egg-free for lunch, too. (That way, it's more justifiable when you have eggs for dinner...)

Now, time for lunch:

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Peppa March 12, 2016
This list is somewhat uninspired. Lots of of sweet mushy food and one eighties-holdout, the tofu scramble. Where are the toasts or breakfast burritos? Also, many grains are delicious for breakfast, not just oatmeal. Grits and mushrooms, anyone?