Your Summer Calendar, in 14 Dishes (We're Planning Ahead)

May 22, 2017

We count Memorial Day weekend as the official start of summer (forget that solstice thing), so in our minds, the dog days are nipping at our heels! Or vice versa? In the spirit of looking ahead, we're planning for the glorious summer bounty that's to come in the next 14 weeks (and rounded up some Shop favorites to help you show off the season's best). Save the date for strawberries, corn, tomatoes—coming to a farmer's market near you.

Consider this your summer spoiler alert.

May 22: Rhubarb

A nonstick pan guaranteed to slip that cake out perfectly intact, and a sunny stand to display the masterful results.

May 29: Asparagus

Your asparagus will stay snappy with clever fridge storage bags and you'll scoop with snazz when scooping your hard-boileds out of the pot.

June 5: Radishes

Pile crunchy salads into single-serving bowls wearing pastels for summer and match with vintage flatware that's always in season.

June 12: Strawberries

Jam like a pro in a roomy extra heat-conductive pan, then preserve the best of summer in classic Weck jars.

June 19: Swiss chard

Plan a bread baking project for a long weekend and use a chunk for homemade crumbs! And these bowls' shred-in-bowl action saves you from one more dirty dish.

June 26: Peas

A company-worthy summertime meal demands a pretty, handmade platter and vintage-classic serving utensils.

July 3: String Beans

This wok gets screaming hot for a nice scorch on those string beans—serve them in a deep, woodsy bowl (that will come in handy for every summer salad).

July 10: Cucumbers

Simple glassware for simple summer coolers, plus a juicer 'cause you'll get hooked on having the fresh stuff around for cocktails.

July 17: Peppers

For this stew, there's a fair bit of slicing and stirring ahead, but it's made all the easier with handsome Italian knives and a gang of wooden spoons.

July 24: Summer squash

Never skimp on the fresh pepper, and never skimp on everyday bowls.

July 31: Corn

Make your own pasta with the kids. Serve it up in a gorgeous handmade bowl to impress the adults.

August 7: Tomatoes

A go-to pie plate and a pie server that says "I heart tomatoes".

August 14: Blueberries

Make quick work of those egg whites with a handmade separator and ridged baking sheets guarantee no stuck pavlova.

August 21: Blackberries

More ice cream inspiration from our cookbook, and the only scoop worthy of summer's golden child.

August 28: Peaches

Start with a never-fail charcoal chimney, add grilling grids that ensure not a peach will be sacrificed to hot coals, and end with a summer salad that whistles.

September 4: Grapes (Say hi to fall!)

Here's to the best summer ever!

What summer fruit or vegetable are you most looking forward to welcoming back into your kitchen? And what's the first thing you do with it?

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Olivia Bloom

Written by: Olivia Bloom

Has a soft spot for string cheese.

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BerryBaby May 22, 2017
Bought big, juicy, strawberries yesterday and can't wait ti make my strawberry rhubarb pie. Super deal, big containers only 99 cents at Safeway! Going back for more today:)