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52 Products Our Community Loved (As Much as We Did) This Year

We couldn’t stop recommending them, you couldn’t stop buying them.

December 31, 2021
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A big part of my job (okay, like 75 percent) involves learning about new products and brands, and sharing them with all of you. But as much as I love introducing our community to new things and fun trends, I actually enjoy learning from you all much more. Whether it be through reader comments, recipe contests, holiday gift swaps, and even our FiveTwo line, we’re always looking to our readers to tell us what they like (or really don’t like), what they want to see more of, and what they might want to see less of. That’s why we’re taking a look back at the most popular products that you all bought and loved in 2021, like more than 300 sets of Brooklinen’s crisp percale sheets and 700 Scrub Daddy sponges.

This year, we learned that everyone was rolling up their sleeves to give every inch of their space a deep clean, reimagining their spaces to be more functional and cozy, and (to no one’s surprise) cooking and baking every waking moment. Ahead, 52 products that got your stamp of approval.

Furniture & Decor

Photo by Wayfair

1. Furniture from Wayfair

Wayfair’s huge selection came in handy as readers added more than 1,000 (yep) pieces of furniture and decor to their spaces. It looked like we all needed more seating, with couches, sectionals, and loveseats being the most popular.

Photo by Ruggable

2. Ruggable’s Washable Rugs, $89+

None of us like dingy, stained rugs—which makes sense given how many washable rugs from Ruggable we bought this year. The outdoor rugs and styles from designer Jonathan Adler were among the most popular.

Photo by Burrow

3. Modular Seating from Burrow

As many people continued to move this year, Burrow's modular furniture proved to be immensely popular for its transforming abilities. You can grab a cozy sectional now, then add a few seats (or even a lounger) later if you move into a different space. Plus, you can rearrange your set endlessly so everything fits.

Photo by Nordstrom

4. Candles from Nordstrom

We couldn’t get enough of Nordstrom’s candle selection this year, especially D.S. & Durga’s Breakfast Leipzig, Nest’s Birchwood Pine, and Boy Smells x Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn.

Photo by Interior Define

5. Interior Define’s Custom furniture

For custom furniture without the traditionally exorbitant prices, Interior Define’s custom-lite pieces were a game changer for our community. Instead of designing an entire couch or table from scratch, you can customize pieces from a large array of pre-set styles, fabrics, finishes, and more for something that feels unique and personal to your vibe.

Photo by Anthropologie

6. Anthropologie Capri Blue Candle, $34

We’re not surprised that everyone loves Capri Blue’s Volcano scent as much as we do; Anthro burns the scent in all its stores all day, every day. Readers loved every iteration the candle came in this year, but had a soft spot for this pretty iridescent jar.

Photo by Etsy

7. Handmade goods from Etsy

Etsy has always been our go-to for anything handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind, so we’re not surprised that almost 1,000 readers shopped the marketplace for rugs, decor, furniture, gifts, and more. A clear favorite? These reusable utensils.

Photo by Otherland

8. Otherland Candles, $31

Between the unique scents and gorgeous jars, Otherland’s candles seemed like decor you’d want to leave out instead of tucking away when friends came to visit. The classic scents are always a hit (Rattan’s my fave), but the seasonal collections are worth, well… collecting.


Photo by Brooklinen

1. Brooklinen Percale Sheets, $109+

Investing in your sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, and it looks like more than 300 readers finally did this year with great bedding. Brooklinen’s percale sheets are equal parts comfy and crisp, and the range of colors and prints mean you can mix, match, and swap to your heart’s content.

Photo by Marlow

2. Marlow Pillow, $65+

As someone who sleeps on my stomach, back, and side, having an adjustable pillow is key to comfort and support no matter what position I (and a few hundred of you) find myself in. This one from Marlow means that I can easily adjust the loft, or height, whenever I need to and without having to deal with messy foam every time.

Photo by Riley

3. Riley Percale Sheets, $99+

For crisp percale sheets, Riley has our hearts (and beds!). Choose from 12 colors and sizes from Twin to California King, and relish in the fact that sets don’t come with a flat sheet—which means one less thing to store in my linen closet and never find again.

Photo by Walmart

4. Gap Home Bedding

Gap Home’s debut was full of cotton sheet sets and bedding that made us nostalgic about the classic clothing brand. To no one’s surprise, they feel like sleeping in our favorite tees.

Photo by Parachute

5. Parachute linens

Between the linen sheet sets, waffle towels, and soft bathrobes, we couldn’t get enough of Parachute this year. Its sheets are some of the best we’ve tried and we’ll happily continue to lounge in its popular robes.

Gardening & Plants

Photo by Amazon

1. Garsum Sticky Trap, $8.99

Hundreds of plant parents who got tired of annoying gnats found solace—and satisfaction—in these bright yellow sticky traps.


Photo by Amazon

1. Scrub Daddy Sponge Set, $19.98

More than 700 (!) readers grabbed a set of Scrub Daddy sponges, which we love for their durability, ease of use, and of course, the fun colors. Why shouldn’t utilitarian sponges give us a bit of joy?

Photo by Amazon

2. Stardrops The Pink Stuff, $8.99

You couldn’t scroll through TikTok this year without coming across another cleaning video that showed off a jar of The Pink Stuff, and with good reason. The multi-surface cleaner can tackle greasy stovetops, mildew-topped outdoor furniture, cloudy glass, and more. I’ve still got more than three quarters of the jar left after three months of use.

Photo by Amazon

3. Holikme 4-Pack Drill Brush Power Scrubber, $9.95

Almost 900 (yes, 900) power drill owners bought a set of these scrubbing brushes to cut through grime, hard-water rings, mildew, and more with the least amount of effort possible. If you’re not convinced, we’ve got video of the brush in action on TikTok.

Photo by Amazon

4. Efferdent Denture Cleanser, $21.99 $14.99

Turns out that denture-cleaning tablets are great for lifting mineral build-up—especially from toilets where you want to clean it as fast as possible and get outta there.

Photo by Amazon

5. Easily Greener Swiffer Sweeper Compatible Microfiber Mop Pad, $13.99 $8.95

Being more sustainable when it came to cleaning got a lot easier with these washable microfiber pads. They’re compatible with the Swiffer Sweeper, which we’ve had for years and will never part ways.

Photo by Amazon

6. KEAIDO Groove Cleaning Brushes, $2.49

These groove-cleaning brushes make quick work out of the tight spots between doors, windows, and cooktops. They’re washable and endlessly reusable, making this budget-friendly tool work overtime.

Photo by Amazon

7. Kaboom Foam Tastic Bathroom Cleaner with OxiClean, $4.99 $3.68

What happens when you combine the power drill scrubbers with Kaboom? The cleanest bathroom ever.

Photo by Amazon

8. Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda Detergent Booster & Household Cleaner, $7.49 $3.91

For a straightforward all-purpose cleaner and laundry booster with the smallest list of ingredients possible, our community went straight to Arm & Hammer.

Photo by Amazon

9. Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator, $29.99 $19.97

Anyone who has a furry friend knows to expect accidents, but it doesn’t make them any less annoying to clean. At least Rocco & Roxie can help make it less of a chore.

Photo by Amazon

10. Mrs. Stewart's Concentrated Liquid Bluing, $4.65

While this bluing concentrate can take some trial and error, folks say that their white clothes look much brighter and whiter afterward.

Storage & Organization

Photo by The Container Store

1. Everything from The Container Store

If we’re to believe all the readers who shopped from The Container Store this year, all of your spaces must be incredibly organized and the idea of a junk drawer is blasphemous.

Photo by Amazon

2. SimpleHouseware Stackable Under Sink Cabinet, $30.99 $26.87

Once our contributor Ariel Scotti realized the level of organization this simple stackable drawer brought to her kitchen cabinets, she promptly bought four more, bringing her total up to five. They’ve organized her entire apartment—from her kitchen to her bathroom and everything in between.

Home Improvement

Photo by Amazon

1. Command Jumbo Universal Frame Hanger, $10.99

Hanging photos frames and wall art couldn’t be easier or more renter-friendly with these Command hangers. With the ability to hold up to 8 pounds, they finally inspired us to move pieces catching dust on the floor up onto our walls.

Photo by Amazon

2. Command Large Picture Hanging Strips, $13.92

Or for something even stronger, these Command strips can hold up to 16 pounds, so peppering walls with decor and souvenirs seemed less daunting.

Photo by Amazon

3. Monkey Hooks Picture Hangers, $11.78

For those who have the luxury of making holes in the wall to show off photos and art, these metal hangers work for any project.

Photo by Amazon

4. BOSCH GLM20 Blaze 65ft Laser Distance Measure, $39.97

A laser measure can help measure rooms or furniture with much more ease than a traditional tape measure, and with many people continuing to move during the pandemic, it’ll come in handy no matter where you’re going next.


Photo by Uncommon Goods

1. Gifts from Uncommon Goods

One of our favorite shops for unique gifts, Uncommon Goods has everything from personalized signposts and glittery maple syrup to fun virtual classes where you can learn to tie-dye and macramé.

Kitchen Tools

Photo by Amazon

1. Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer, $59.95 $46.96

This is the closest thing to Ina Garten’s favorite juicer we could find, as the actual the one she uses has since been discontinued (sad). The good news? More than 230 readers bought this tiny-but-mighty electric juicer, which comes in handy for all types of citrus and can be washed easily by hand or in the dishwasher.

Photo by Amazon

2. Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper, $7.99

Anyone who loves a summertime corn on the cob knows how messy it can be, which is why almost 400 readers loved this little corn stripping gadget (even though it only has one job). All it takes is a few twists to grab every kernel for easy salads and sides, which you can watch in all its glory here.

Photo by Amazon

3. Food Safe Dissolvable Food Labels, $12.95

With all the cooking we’re doing, it’s no surprise that these dissolvable food labels were a hit this year. They helped us keep track of leftovers, meal prep, and everything else we shoved into the freezer, too.

Photo by Amazon

4. Finew Knife Sharpening Stone Kit, $49.97

No matter what knife you have, you’ll need to sharpen it regularly to maintain the edge—oh, and to keep your fingers safe from a dull knife slipping off a tomato. This one from Finew is a bit manual, but gives you the most control when sharpening.

Photo by Amazon

5. Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container, $59.99

Tired of throwing out wilted greens and mushy berries, I turned to these produce-saving storage containers—and plenty of you did as well. They have an elevated tray to keep produce from sitting in water and a perforated lid to regulate the flow of oxygen.

Photo by Amazon

6. Taylor Large Dial Kitchen Cooking Oven Thermometer, $7.99

If your oven’s temperature reading seems off, this oven thermometer hangs right on the racks and can ensure the right adjustments are made for properly cooked food.

Photo by ThermoWorks

7. ThermoWorks Classic Thermapen, $83 $70.55

Everyone’s fave Internet grandmother Babs has been using her Thermapen meat thermometer for more than a decade, which means we—and a big group of our community— followed suit.

Photo by Amazon

8. Met Lux 4 Ounce Cookie Scoop, $13.85 $11.80

Our readers love using a cookie scoop for more than just baked goods—it came in handy for ice cream, mashed potatoes, pudding, and more.

Food & Drink

Photo by Amazon

1. Branston Pickle, $8.32+

For years, Home52’s editorial lead Arati Menon would bring jars of Branston Pickle from England all the way back to Brooklyn, but since travel seems like a faraway dream, many of us have resorted to buying them online instead.

Photo by Winc

2. Winc Wine Subscription, $29.95

It looks like everyone had the same idea of grabbing Winc’s wine subscription this year. And it’s a great idea, too: you just take a short quiz to figure out your preferences, and a curated box of wine will arrive at your door, ready for sipping. Then you can rate the bottles so your next shipment is even more curated for your taste buds. It’s a reasonably-priced subscription for the value of wine you’re getting, and right now, you can snag a 12 glasses free from yours truly, too.

Photo by The Wonderful Wine Co.

3. The Wonderful Wine Co., $60+

Vegan wine is hard to come by but The Wonderful Wine Co. made it so much easier for our plant-based readers. You can buy a few bottles at once or subscribe for regular shipments at a slight discount.

Photo by Haus

4. Haus Sampler Kit, $50

Those who wanted to experiment beyond the usual wine, beer, and cocktails turned to Haus and its delicious apéritifs. The sampler kit was by far the most popular (and among us here on the Home52 crew), which lets you choose four flavors for a customized box. Pro tip: reuse the adorable glass bottles as propagation stations.

Photo by Goldbelly

5. Food Gifts From Goldbelly

Since we couldn’t go out to our favorite restaurants as much as we’d liked this year, we turned to Goldbelly instead. Many of us shopped for our fave foods and treats, which includes Ina Garten’s famous outrageous brownies.


Photo by Amazon

1. “BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts,” Stella Parks, $35 $21.66

Even though this cookbook was published in 2017, we still couldn’t get enough of it in 2021. But with recipes as timeless as chopped chocolate chip cookies and carrot cake, it doesn’t matter what year it is. (Wait, what year is it?)

Photo by Amazon

2. “Grand Dishes: Recipes And Stories From Grandmothers Of The World,” Iska Lupton and Anastasia Miari, $29.99 $26.49

Heartwarming and lovingly curated, this cookbook goes beyond recipes with stories from 70 grandmothers across 10 countries and three continents.

Photo by Amazon

3. “Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes to Repeat,” Molly Baz, $32.50 $19.50

Author and Food52 podcaster Molly Baz’s debut cookbook is all about the techniques behind some of our fave dishes and the recipes that’ll help hone your craft.

Photo by Amazon

4. “The Cookie Collection: Artisan Baking for the Cookie Enthusiast,” Brian Hart Hoffman, $26.95 $20.49

We can’t figure out what was harder: not baking every single recipe from this cookbook, or not eating them all in one sitting. Either way, we’re not alone in that quandary—almost 200 readers are in the same boat with us.

Photo by Amazon

5. “Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty & Simple,” Dorie Greenspan, $35 $25.99

Is there anyone more qualified to talk about chocolate chip cookies than Dorie Greenspan? We think not, and hundreds of you would agree. Her latest cookbook has no less than 10 chocolate chip cookie recipes, each somehow more delectable than the last.

Photo by Amazon

6. “Rodney Scott's World of BBQ: Every Day Is a Good Day,” Rodney Scott and Lolis Eric Elie, $29.99 $17.77

You can’t talk about barbecue without mentioning Rodney Scott, and this book has it all with delicious recipes to try and inspiring stories about his journey from working in his family’s barbecue restaurant to becoming a world-famous pitmaster.

Photo by Amazon

7. “Wild Sweetness: Recipes Inspired by Nature,” Thalia Ho, $29.99 $18.99

Instead of organizing her cookbook alphabetically or even by difficulty level, Thalia Ho decided to go with seasons—which makes sense considering all the recipes are inspired by seasonal ingredients.

Beauty & Grooming

1. Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap, $12 $9.95

For anyone looking to switch to bar soap, Dr. Squatch’s Pine Tar Soap comes highly recommended from almost 200 folks for its rich lather and gentle exfoliation.

Photo by Amazon

What's been the favorite thing you've discovered this year? Let us know below!

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