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March  2, 2016

A couple times each week, our Shop team commandeers a few long farm tables in the Food52 office and spreads out a bunch of new designs they're interested in bringing to our readers.

Amanda, Merrill, and Bridget gravitate over, and a review—wherein we praise the merits and critique the shortcomings of each design—commences. Everything gets picked up and held, considered thoughtfully, and tasted (if it's edible, of course). Certain products are sent home with our staff for further testing and review, and only the very best, most beautiful, most useful, and most captivating designs pass the test.

Photo by James Ransom

So what made the cut last month? Here's a look at what joined our Shop in February:


Most importantly, we opened up a presale for Amanda and Merrill's new cookbook, A New Way to Dinner, a handbook for pulling off weekday meals by setting aside just one day of cooking per week.

Also, The Piglet launched! Here are the contenders:

Kitchen Tools

Photo by James Ransom

An all-purpose French oven from Staub, Japanese and Italian knives, and lidded ceramic mixing bowls that can go right in the fridge after you serve from them.

Home Goods

Photo by James Ransom

Organizers for your odds and ends, wall decor—including a springy Rosemary & Heather Wreath—a padded woven kitchen mat and so many snuggly blankets and throws.


With a 5-pack of flavors (and two brand new ones) from Owl's Brew, there are now even more ways to enjoy tea-spiked cocktails.


Photo by Bobbi Lin

Glassware in modern silhouettes and gilded bone china plates that will make every meal feel like super-fancy room service.

Jewelry & Gifts

Photo by Linda Xiao

A dumpling spoon necklace? Yes we did.

What are you dying to see in our Shop? Let us know in the comments.

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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