12 Perfectly Acceptable (and Wonderful) Ways to Make Eggs for Dinner

March  4, 2016

Shake any shame of making eggs for dinner: Easy to prepare, lovable when made any which way you please, and perfect with a point of toast, they are a perfectly acceptable (not to mention, incredibly desirable) dinner option. They’re also inexpensive and, with a little boost from your fridge or pantry, totally filling. In case you are just now jumping on the eggs-for-dinner bandwagon or are looking for a meal that's a bit more rounded than your basic scramble, here are 12 hearty, dinner-worthy recipes that emphasize the exceptional adaptability of eggs.

What's your favorite way to eat eggs for dinner? Let us know in the comments!

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Rhonda35 June 26, 2016
Glad I stumbled upon this! I LOVE eggs - anytime. They would definitely be my "desert island" protein choice. Thanks for putting together this list of delicious-looking egg dishes. :-)