100 Ways to Eat Eggs

Eggs take to just about anything you throw at them—or rather, to anything you thrown them in. From crack and splat to whisk and pour, they're your best friend in the kitchen from high noon to night. There are very few other ingredients that are so versatile, that can be cooked in so many different forms. We're pretty into them—especially right now!

If you search for "eggs" on our site, you'll turn up over 10,000 recipes and 100 pages of articles. So we've culled the best and brightest from our archives. Here are 100—yes, 100!—ways to eat eggs, from breakfast to dinner, savory to sweet (just hover over the photo to see the recipe or article title):

Eggs: Reigning breakfast champs since forever.

Lunch likes eggs, too—at your desk or on a Saturday afternoon.

Eggs can be a one-two bite kinda meal—snack size, if you will.

And never, never let anyone tell you you can't have eggs for dinner.

Want more? Check out what our community is making with eggs over on our (Not)Recipes app. And tell us what you're cooking up with eggs these days in the comments below.

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