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11 Genius Ways to Cook Better Eggs

Upgrade your fry, scramble, and so forth.

March 20, 2019

With Genius Recipes correspondent Kristen off for a few months trying to raise a genius newborn, we’re revisiting the column’s Greatest Hits with brand-new videos—and hearing from a few special surprise guests. Wish her luck! (And keep sending those tips.)

I bet you already have your favorite way to fry an egg—and scramble, and hard-cook, and so on—memorized. I did too. But, lucky for me (and you), it's my job to dig up surprising ways to cook things that just might be better or smarter or faster, so I've found a few tricks for eggs that have been a serious improvement to my breakfast, and—let's be honest—most of all, my dinner routines.

Your meals will be better because some smartypants discovered that adding a pinch of cornstarch makes magically creamy soft-scrambled eggs in 15 seconds, not 15 minutes. And that what deviled eggs needed wasn't more mustard or pickle juice but soft butter. And that frittatas benefit from a little more TLC than we've been giving them.

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Here are 11 of those game-changers—happy dinner.

Got a genius recipe to share—from a classic cookbook, an online source, or anywhere, really? Perhaps something perfect for beginners? Please send it Kristen's way (and tell her what's so smart about it) at [email protected].

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    Janet Martin
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    Farida Hasan
  • Terri
  • violist
  • Mary Ker
    Mary Ker
I'm an ex-economist, ex-Californian who moved to New York to work in food media in 2007. Dodgy career choices aside, I can't help but apply the rational tendencies of my former life to things like: recipe tweaking, digging up obscure facts about pizza, and deciding how many pastries to put in my purse for "later."


Janet M. March 21, 2019
There are some of us who don't like our scrambled eggs creamy--horrors, but I want mine firm and not slimy. I won't eat uncooked egg yolks, ie, runny, either, although I can fry them perfectly for my DH who wants them that way. My dad loved his eggs fried in bacon fat and basted, and although DH loves them that way, too, my normal way to fry them is in nonstick skillet in about a tsp of butter. I am going to try the olive oil recipe the very next time. Nancy Silverton's egg salad is brilliant--did that one for lunch today. I think my point is, that we are all quite opinionated on eggs, and there are lots of differing opinions.
Susan S. March 21, 2019
Your egg recipes sound great, however I use an old tide and true egg salad recipe that never fails and is always requested.
You can determine the amount o ingredients according to the volume of your dish fir the amount of people you’re cooking for.
All it takes are perfectly hard boiled eggs(I’d say 3 eggs per guest, sweet onions , mushrooms, oil to sauté the onions until they’re soft and golden,put in the mushroom SLICES, add salt, pepper, and garlic power or garlic chips to tSte. Set aside the entire pan. Cut and mash the boiled eggs(I leave them a little chunky, not all smooth and mashed. Add the eggs to the skillet with the onions, mushroom and oil. Mix all together to desired consistancy, taste a bit to see if to your taste you’d like to add more of WHATEVER YOUR PALATTE REQUIRE
Eat it as us on a play alone, with lettuce and tomatoes, your choice of bread or crackers. It is truest comfort food, even when straight from frig, warm just after preparing or at room temperature. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do
Farida H. March 21, 2019
I personally love my eggs fried in butter and topped with a sprinkling of salt, pepper and red pepper flakes!
Terri March 20, 2019
I fried 3 eggs this morning. I commented that two looked large! One was a double and one was a triplet yolk!!! Fried in Kerrygold butter and my cast iron pan! Yum!
Author Comment
Kristen M. March 22, 2019
violist March 20, 2019
When the big bubbles happen in the whites, should I break them up or just continue cooking the eggs to where I want the yolk? It looked that you may have broken them up. This is a great video! Thank you for all of these options. I’m going to make eggs tonight for dinner using Olive Oil and turmeric!
Author Comment
Kristen M. March 22, 2019
I break them up if they're getting in the way of seeing the yolk or if the heat is high enough that they look like they're at risk of making scary sudden pops. Otherwise, I leave them be!
Mary K. March 20, 2019
I just tried your flavored olive oil way of making crispy eggs. Greasy 😟 I have used butter in the past and it is much better.
Martha April 1, 2019
That is a (highly personal) matter of opinion!
Antonia A. June 14, 2016
Eggy Genius Recipe #1 is missing: In my book, the anchovy fried egg—which I learned on Food52—is an easy peasy diet staple!
Anne W. July 7, 2019
Read all reviews but tried recipe anyway. Texture lux but eggs tasteless.