19 Protein-Packed Snacks Guaranteed to Fill You Up

October 30, 2017

Whether you’re trying to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch or tide yourself over until a late dinner, the best snacks to fill you up are packed with protein. But rather than inhale a protein shake or bar, try munching on some roasted chickpeas or apples dipped in spicy peanut butter. Or sip a creamy, nutty tahini date shake or green smoothie. Not only will homemade snacks satisfy your your sweet or salty cravings, but they’re also easy to tailor (and tweak) than a pre-made mix or bar. Here, we’ve gathered 19 of our most filling bites, dips, spreads, and sips that are guaranteed to keep you full.


Dips & spreads


What snacks keep you full between meals? Are you a morning or evening snacker?

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BerryBaby October 30, 2017
3:00pm snacker... an apple sliced, drizzled with honey and fresh cracked black pepper and a few slices of cheddar.