15 Tips for Perfectly Cooked Eggs + 100 Ways to Eat Them

November 10, 2017

This month, our Cookbook Club is tackling J. Kenji López-Alt's The Food Lab and with 900+ pages of science lessons and complicated recipes, you might think members are caught up in his 8-page meatloaf recipe or ultimate Bolognese sauce.

But no, what everyone is talking about (myself included) is eggs. Specifically, López-Alt's techniques for the best eggs of your life—from creamy scrambled to hard-boiled, or anything in between.

Photo by Diana Holzman
Photo by Kara Howard
Photo by Leigh Patterson Rainwater‎

If you need more convincing that a few tweaks in technique can elevate such a simple dish, here are three examples of egg perfection from our members:

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Leigh Patterson Rainwater made fluffy scrambled eggs, exclaiming:

This is the exact method my grandma taught me to use, a little milk (or cream depending on how rich and creamy you want them to be), salt, and a good whisking! They turned out perfect as usual!

Annie Gustely‎'s hard-boiled eggs peeled perfectly, adding:

It is hard to give up your tried and true methods, but this one is a gem.

Diana Holzman's eggs were perfect, too:‎

When I was a kid, my dad used to cook us soft-boiled eggs for breakfast almost every morning. While I could do without the sometimes overly runny white, I loved the creamy yolk. Little did I know that you could make a firmer outside and keep that creamy interior! They really are foolproof!

Whether or not you've joined the Cookbook Club yet, we don't want you missing out on eggs-pert advice. Here are 15 of our best tips for incredible eggs. Once you've mastered those, we've got dozens of recipes for you to try:

Master the basics

Time to Eat

Now that you've mastered perfectly poached, scrambled, and fried eggs, it's time to move beyond the basics. Here are one hundred (yes, 100!) of our favorite ways to eat eggs:

New to the Cookbook Club? Head here for all of the details on what's ahead for the Club and how to participate.

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