Weekend Cooking

Low and Slow: Warm & Cozy Dinners Perfect for Winter Weekends

December  7, 2017

On gloomy, grey winter weekends, where the sun hides behind blankets of clouds, I let myself hide under cloud-like blankets. I leisurely sip my coffee and open a million tabs (give or take) while catching up on my growing list of newsletters. At some point, I meander to the kitchen to make a pot of oatmeal or stock. If I haven’t left my apartment by sunset, so be it. Winter weekends are meant to be spent indoors.

The best stay-at-home recipes are soups and stews and roasts and beans. The ones that take hours to simmer or braise, building layers and layers of flavor. I feel justified in spending an afternoon on my couch (reading) if I’m also being productive (making a meal). My favorite low-and-slow recipe is my mom’s red beans and rice—but there are loads of options for anyone looking for a weekend project. Here, we’ve gathered 16 of our favorites.

What do you make on those cold, dreary days? Share your favorite winter weekend recipe below!