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19 Sweet Potato Recipes to Keep in Your Back Pocket

January  8, 2018

Sweet potatoes: they're the tubers (well, really the morning glory) that never fail you. They go to bat in recipes both savory and sweet, transitioning seamlessly from airy soufflés to stick-to-your-rib chilis to toasty waffles (seriously, give them a go). Hearty, versatile, healthy-ish, and a bright orange that never fails to bring cheer, sweet potatoes are just what you need to get through the wintry slush and gloom.

You probably have one or two in your pantry right now, lingering, ever hopeful, and ready to be your next dinner (or dessert). If you don't, now's the time to stock up, because we've got 19 recipes to keep in your back pocket—sweet, savory, and in-between—all winter long:

Go Sweet...

... Or Savory

... or both

How do you turn sweet potatoes into dinner? Tell us in the comments!

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Kelsey January 29, 2018
All of these recipes look so amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!