A Vegan Thanksgiving Menu So Delicious & Hearty, Everyone Will Want Seconds

And thirds.

November 20, 2018
Photo by Bobbi Lin

Any person who says that turkey is the star of Thanksgiving dinner has never been invited to vegan-cook-extraordinaire Gena Hamshaw's celebration. Hamshaw makes vegan Thanksgiving look not only easy to pull off, but also absurdly delicious, creamy, and hearty.

"As tempting as it was—always is—to create a Thanksgiving menu that consists of 60% sweet potatoes and 35% bread-y things (with 5% saved for dessert), I was happy that the Menu Maker prompted me to include green things (hello, tahini roasted broccoli) and one crispy salad with carrot ribbons and avocado. The heavenly oatmeal molasses rolls are heavenly indeed, and don't let the egg and butter deter you if you're vegan. I've made them many times over omitting the egg (no need to replace it) and using vegan butterEarth Balance is my favorite."

You can check out Hamshaw's full menu here, or the highlights below:

"I know pie is traditional for this holiday, but cake is my favorite dessert," says Hamshaw. "And carrot cake feels seasonal enough belong here."

What does the Menu Maker think you should whip up for Thanksgiving this year? Let us know in the comments.

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