Thanksgiving Starters

November 18, 2010

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    Lauren Shockey
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dymnyno November 23, 2010
All these recipes look sooo wonderful! I am making a few for T-Day. I may ha ve to tweak some to accommodate what I can find on Maui. We now have a whole foods so that helps a lot.
thirschfeld November 23, 2010
Maui, one of my favorite places in the whole world.
dymnyno November 23, 2010
We rent our house...if you are interested.
MonkeyBusiness November 23, 2010
I am thankful for Food 52. You have provided many a wonderful food experience for my family and some fun experiences trying new dishes for me. There is a real sense of community on this site, and although I don't comment often, I feel a part of it. I'll toast you all as we enjoy at least of few of the recipes here on Thanksgiving Day.
Lizthechef November 23, 2010
And I am so thankful to have met you, one of my first food'52ers face-to-face. Every time you laughed, along with Susan and Lynda, I felt more welcomed. Thank you for making me feel so included in a gathering where I was clearly the outsider.I love your family-centered recipes and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
casa-giardino November 22, 2010
Smoked salmon salad
Waverly November 21, 2010
These all look divine. I am in charge of the salad at Wednesday nights' pre-Thanksgiving extended family dinner. We are having my mother's gumbo. One of these green salads would be perfect, but which one? Boston greens with buttermilk dressing, Amanda's warm fig and blue cheese salad, or the arugula/pear/goat cheese? Any opinions?
Lauren S. November 20, 2010
thanks for including my soup!
MrsWheelbarrow November 19, 2010
So many dishes at our table will be from this glorious site. Thanks, Amanda and Merrill, and all your fantastic helpers, for providing so much inspiration.
Lizthechef November 19, 2010
I have made your fabulous mushroom soup and hope others follow my lead!
Allison B. November 19, 2010
Divine selection - lovely pictures and appealing, creative recipes. Thanks for the inspiration!
Lizthechef November 19, 2010
I try to add a new dish every Thanksgiving. This year it will be Merrill's Mom's onion confit. It turns out to be so tasty that I may need to make more before the holiday, as I have been sneaking spoonfuls from my batch prepped and ready in the fridge!
edamame2003 November 19, 2010
every single one of these looks amazing. we will have to start cooking and eating now to get to all of them by thursday!
lastnightsdinner November 19, 2010
We have plans to serve a few food52 dishes at our Thanksgiving meal, one of them that delicious sounding Tuscan Chicken Liver Pate. Really looking forward to it!
dymnyno November 19, 2010
I have made the Tuscan Chicken Liver Pate several is really delish!!
mrslarkin November 19, 2010
Yum! Would it be possible to file this, and the other holiday menu ideas under "menu ideas" instead of "stuff"? It'll be easier to find down the road.
Author Comment
Food52 November 19, 2010
Yes! We've been meaning to do this. Thanks for the reminder!
thirschfeld November 19, 2010
I am positive I could have a wonderful ten course Thanksgiving meal with just these dishes alone. All of them look