10 Last-Minute Snacks and Appetizers

November 27, 2014

We like to think of appetizers and snacks as the magic glue that holds us together. Snacks keep hungry, wandering guests out of the kitchen. They offer condolences to the picky eaters who aren’t looking forward to the brussels sprouts but love all things small and snack-like. Plus, they hit the spot when you suddenly get a second wind hours after pie is served but you only have enough energy to reach for the snack table.  

Here are the snacks you can pull together quickly for a hungry crowd:

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Smoked Salmon on Mustard-Chive and Dill Butter Toasts by Kukla 

Toasts from Food52


Smashed Pea Guacamole with Cilantro, Ginger, and Lime by thechocolatefig

Guacamole from Food52


Little Mushroom Pinwheels by inpatskitchen


Toasty Roasted Chickpeas, Cajun Style by anotherfoodieblogger


Parker & Otis' Pimento Cheese by Genius Recipes


Sage Candied Walnuts by cristinasciarra


Fig and Olive Tapenade by Kayb


White Bean Dip with Fresh Herbs by Gena Hamshaw


Sardine Butter by cristinasciarra


Deviled Eggs; Purgatory Edition by MeghanVK

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