19 Thanksgiving Sides to Make If You Have 2 Hours (Mostly Hands-Off!)

Yesterday, we featured Thanksgiving sides you can make in 60 minutes, the day before that those you can make in just 30 minutes, and the day before that those you can make in just 20 minutes.

Today, we have 19 two-hour-from-start-to-finish Thanksgiving sides. Don't worry, though, if spending a couple hours on a single side seems daunting, a lot of the time spent is hands-off. Plus, you're rewarded with biscuit-like cornbread, creamy gratins, and buttery baked sweet potatoes. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the grand finale: time limit-free sides for those who are very skilled at planning ahead.

Bready things

you say potato, we say...

glorious baked vegetables

Super simple, clean flavors—but way better

Tell us: What sides do you make that take 2 hours?


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ChefJune November 10, 2016
You missed this one! It has become traditional for Thanksgiving not only on my table, but those of several other friends as well - even though it is rich as Bloomberg.