19 Thanksgiving Desserts for the Nut-, Dairy-, & Gluten-Free

November 16, 2017

Maybe your nephew is allergic to peanuts, or grandma wants to avoid dairy. Or possibly the new in-laws don’t eat gluten. In a meal focused on togetherness, it’s only fair that everyone gets to enjoy the meal on Thanksgiving. And yes, that includes dessert. While apple or pecan or pumpkin pie are classics, they can be heavy on the gluten, nuts, and dairy. The good news? They're hardly the only autumnal desserts out there. Experiment with new, gluten-free pumpkin treats, like creme brûlée, chiffon cake, or crustless pie (aka pumpkin pudding!). Bake apples into a vegan crisp, or poach pears in ruby red wine. Try a citrusy twist on sweet potatoes or opt for soft, chewy spice cookies. Here, we've gathered 19 naturally gluten-, dairy-, or nut-free desserts we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Gluten-Free, Tastes Great

No Nuts, No Problem

Vegan & Very Delicious

Tell us how you accommodate everyone's dietary needs from appetizers to dessert, below!

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Tea November 19, 2017
hi! im in need of non dairy options but not vegan. often the two are lumped together. is there a list around here for dairy free desserts? or perhaps a list of desserts with an easy milk swap-out? - for instance the olive oil cake that can stand almond milk instead? thanks!
Tea November 20, 2017
that does indeed help! -- thank you! though some of these include other restrictions like gluten and i dont love using margarine. i will try these nice looking brownies though and swap cassava for reg flour. maybe i'll search oil cake..... thanks!