The Best Food52 Community Moments of 2014

December 25, 2014

You've all been busy this year: writing articles and poetry, creating collections, taking photos, and sharing, testing, and voting for recipes. We love that you're never shy about sharing your opinions with us and we can't get enough of the way you make us laugh. You're always ready to support us and celebrate with us -- simply put, you're the best around.

Does it sound like we're writing a personal ad? We're okay with that -- we're secure enough with ourselves to embrace our mushy sides and tell you that you're our lobster. Here are some of our favorite moments with the Food52 community from the past year:

Food52 Piglet Party 2014

Genius Recipes Book Molly Yeh Cathy Barrow

 How to Crack a Coconut Sweet & Southern

MZ Wallace Food52 Tote Food52 Beer Koozies

Food52 Office Food52 Office Food52 Office

While we didn't make every community member happy, we've tried our best, and it has been a wonderful year with all of you. Thanks for being a part of Food52.

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We're sure we haven't covered everything, so tell us: What were your favorite Food52 community moments this year?

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