Matcha Custard Pie (!) & 20 Other Recipes For Pi Day

March 14, 2017

Pi is the ratio between a circle's diameter and its circumference. While we commonly think of it as 3.14, it's actual value is so irrational and transcendental that it would carry on indefinitely past its decimal point forever. Pie, on the other hand, is a sometimes circular, delicious pastry that is unfortunately limited to the size of whatever pan its baked in.

Photo by Julia Gartland

I'm not enough of a math wiz to figure out whether or not there is another sort of numerical link between the pie and pi, but I do know that today is March 14th, or 3.14 on the American calendar—and that similarity seems like a good enough reason to make a pie to me. Is that irrational? Maybe, but then again, so is pi.

Here are 16 recipes to make today to express the somewhat irrational, but definitely constant, desire for pie. No calculator necessary.

This recipe comes from our friends at Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Try making their pies at home, or, if you're in Brooklyn, stop by their three locations in Gowanus, Grand Army Plaza, or Prospect Heights.

How many slices of pie will you eat today? Dish it in the comments!

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Sarah E Daniels

Written by: Sarah E Daniels

It's mostly a matter of yeast.

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gay J. March 14, 2017
Our PI was a delicious quiche--shrimp & asparagus. Great way to celebrate the day!