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15 Pies That Will Fill Your Home with Warmth & Spice

Make your home smell heavenly.

October 23, 2018
Photo by James Ransom

The tea's a-brewing and the fireplace's a-crackling. We're getting Cozy at Home with warm-and-cuddly ideas for cooking, decorating, and more—so grab your fuzzy slippers and join us.

It’s that time, again. When the temperatures start to drop, and an almost primal urge to nest in warm comfort takes over. And yes, you can burrow under fluffy blankets next to a crackling fire, or sip cider in fuzzy slippers, but the best way to transform your space into the ultimate hygge home is baking—specifically, baking pie.

Whether you choose cinnamon-scented pumpkin, toasty pecan, or a buttery-crusted apple, a fresh-baked pie is the perfect way to fill your home with warmth. Here, we’ve picked 15 of our favorites to make all fall long.

Apples of Our Eye

Smooth Operators

Just a Little Nutty

What's your favorite fall pie? Share recipes and thoughts in the comments section below!

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