Introducing Our Holiday Gift Guides

November 19, 2014

Remember that feeling of panic when Christmas is days away and you have no gifts wrapped? Not this year! We're introducing our 2014 holiday gift guides -- with ideas for everyone on your list, arranged by personality and price.

Today: Today we're featuring four gift guides with ideas to match everyone's passions -- we've got perfect presents for the baker, the cook who has everything, the gardener, and the new cook. Visit the shop for all the guides!

For the Baker

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As bakers ourselves, we can tell you there is nothing quite as thrilling as a new pie plate or a well-shaped rolling pin. Bakers appreciate tools with utility: a high-quality serrated knife, a ceramic egg separator, and beeswax bread wrap. We also like to give flat-out beautiful presents, like a handmade copper cookie cutters or a scalloped ceramic brioche dish

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 For the Cook Who Has Everything

If you have cooks on your list who seem to have every kitchen tool possible, don't stress! We spend a lot (trust us, a lot!) of our time scouring the country for cool, unique products that make top-notch gifts. Wrap up a stack of iconic cookbooks, or a piece of shiny copper cookware, or a set of gold flatware

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For the Gardener

What do you get for someone with a green thumb? A brass flower pot to showcase their prettiest blooms, heirloom seeds to grow hard-to-find plants like kaleidoscope carrots and edible marigolds, and a walnut countertop compost bin to give their crops a second life. 

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For the New Cook

Starting out in the kitchen should be a great, glorious, delicious adventure. Maybe you can't help a new cook avoid their first broken sauce or burnt batch of cookies, but you can make the learning curve easier by making sure they have the essentials they need: tea towels, aprons, enamel pots, and oven mitts -- all chosen for their style and smart design. Because if you're going to make a mess in kitchen, you should look good doing it. 

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Photos by Mark Weinberg

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